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Aecre Splitboard
Aecre Freeride Splitboard Snow Cabin

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Aecre Splitboard Snowboard Freeriding

You need gear that is functional, reliable and durable for the ungroomed terrain in the mountains. We provide you with equipment that's built to last and perform.

Ride with confidence

Aecre Splitboard Oblivion



 With the Aecre Oblivion you will visit places never seen before. This well balanced split will make ‘kickturns’ a breeze and the camber will provide grip on the way up.

Aecre Snowboard Illicit



 Look at the shape and you’ll see a powder-board. This could be everybody’s directional daily driver, from intermediate to expert.

Freeride Jump Splitboard Snowboard Aecre

We decided to create products from no nonsense materials with high qualitiy and a fair price.

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