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Aecre Equipment was founded with the purpose of introducing something unique to the market. We aim to create products that serve their core function, allowing people to fully enjoy the mountains with reliable and functional gear. These are products where consumers pay for the quality of materials and durability, without bearing an unnecessarily high cost for things that don't add value.


Our vision revolves around not constantly introducing new designs each year. Instead, we focus on developing products with exceptional durability. By eliminating the middleman and reducing marketing expenses, we offer these products at a more affordable price.

Our Vision
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See what we make

Aecre is founded by Snowcountry, a store that sells the highest quality winter sports products worldwide. After more than two decades of collaborating with the leading brands in the winter sports industry, we felt it was time to channel our accumulated knowledge into our own brand. We have rigorously tested hundreds of boards and skis from top global brands, distributing them to thousands of customers worldwide. Thanks to this extensive experience, we are well-versed in what truly works, having learned from the very best.


So, we initiated a dialogue with you, our customers. We broke away from conventional company structures, and set out to create our line of snow gear, with the rider community and our extensive experience at its core.


We sell directly to consumers because we handle production, ship products to our warehouse, and then send them directly to you. Leveraging Snowcountry's logistics, we ensure fast, sustainable, and worldwide shipping of the highest quality.

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The team

The team consists of experienced freeriders with extensive knowledge of the sport and the gear necessary for excelling in the most extreme conditions. We harnessed this expertise to craft and manufacture products specifically designed to the requirements of confident riding.


If you have any questions or simply wish to engage in conversation, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our contact information can be found below.


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